PACS has experience performing conservation treatments on a wide range of objects and materials. Examples of materials include:

  • Plant fibers/ grasses/ basketry

  • Dermal media: processed skins, furs, and pelts

  • Taxidermy and natural history specimens

  • Wood, bark

  • Textile/ paper, (preventative/ basic stabilization)

  • Metal: cuprous and ferrous alloys, plated metals, aluminum, gold, tumbaga

  • Glass: historical, archaeological, contemporary

  • Ceramic

  • Stone: black schist, limestone

  • Abalone, mother of pearl

  • Bone, ivory, antler

  • Polymer plastics, foam


Basic artifact cleaning techniques

Caring for leather, taxidermy, & proteinaceous collections

Caring for basketry and plant fibers

Caring for pottery, glass, metals, and composite artifacts

Artifact storage mounts/ appropriate archival materials

Artifact packing for travel


Condition assessment surveys and examination reporting

Environmental monitoring: temperature, RH, UV

Integrated Pest Management (IPM), anoxia and controlled low-temperature pest mitigation treatments

Emergency response plans

Basic housekeeping for museum & collection storage 


Examination and documentation of artwork in preparation for treatment or insurance purposes

Cyclical maintenance recommendations for outdoor sculpture/ fountains

Courier services for the handling and transportation of artifacts for domestic or international travel

Exhibit mount design and recommendations

Review and recommendations for collections exhibition and/or storage spaces